Global Hope Strategies

We are driven by a single goal; to bring hope and light to the dark places of this world.

Who We Are

Global Hope Strategies offers hope and compassion by responding to the needs of the most vulnerable in the Middle East, including refugees.  Our desire is to bring a positive change in tumultuous times
by providing education, humanitarian aid, training, community development, and trauma care. We believe that a single action can make a difference for a whole community and that collective action can greatly impact the world.  With strong dedication, our team works strategically to bring positive change in our sphere of influence globally.

What We Do

Global Hope Strategies is seeking to implement innovative strategies throughout the Middle East. We work on many exciting projects to help people discover their value and bring hope to their lives. Through education, advocacy, outreach activities, community involvement, technology and encouraging and mentoring, GHS is making an impact. Learn more below about the specifics of what we do, who we help, and how we work to promote positive change.


House of Love


Relational Outreach



House of Love Community Center is a collaborative effort by the founding board members which is used to serve the refugee community in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. We are dedicated to meet the physical and emotional needs of the refugees. Some of the things we do there are informal education, community health education, medical clinics and humanitarian aid. GHS has been a vital part of caring for victims in this war torn region.

GHS is dedicated to connecting personally with individuals to create lasting relationships; we don’t view people as projects. We live, work and enjoy life in Lebanon where we have been able to connect with individuals among our community. GHS is serving the refugee community in ways that are literally life-giving. Baby Nawal is a prime example. We were involved in providing transportation, medical care and food for her and her family after she was severely burned in a fire that destroyed one of the refugee camps and that also claimed the life of her 3 year old brother.



Mentoring is a big part of GHS. We are dedicated to individuals to see them flourish emotionally and physically. The Lebanese as well as Syrian refugees are faced with an unstable and sometimes volatile environment which makes it a challenge for self development. For instance, we are seeing positive results in the lives of several young adults such as Ramzi. Recently, we helped him with job searching, leadership development and are helping him discover his natural gifts which have made a huge impact in his life as well as his family's.




Volunteer Opportunities

GHS is equipping individuals, schools, local businesses and organizations by sharing our skill sets in areas such as leadership development, self-help, trauma care, technology and team hosting to name a few. For example, we provided our teachers at House of Love with trauma care training so they can identify, evaluate and implement trauma care techniques for the children exhibiting PTSD. We have seen fascinating results from this endeavor among our students and their families!

GHS provides opportunities for teams and individuals from the west as well as within the Middle East participate in community outreach. Teams from the US, Korea, Netherlands have had the awesome experience of working with kids and families from the Syrian refugee community. Also, we have intern opportunities at our center in Bekaa Valley, House Of Love where they can interact with and make a difference in the lives of our Syrian refugee children and their families.

GHS is on the forefront of bringing the latest technology to the Middle East. We have been excited to be able to bring skills in the area of Technology to the region. Just last fall, David was able to assist Heart For Lebanon by consulting them on Audio/Video/Lighting in their new facility in Bekaa Valley. We are committed to helping the people of the Middle East make progress in the area of technology so they can be competitive in the world market and also to see advancements within their communities.

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